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SAMAPI Group, leader in gas compression solutions, provides its customers with a full range of products, and worldwide service support, in order to fulfill a wide variety of requirements and customized solutions for various fields of application.


About us

The SAMAPI Group was founded in 2013 and is located in Lugano, Switzerland. It coordinates and supports the activities of both Enerproject SA (Switzerland) and VPT Kompressoren (Germany).

At SAMAPI Group, we are committed to promoting reliability and innovation within the Oil & Gas and Energy Industry. With every innovation, we focus on bringing proven and effective solutions to our customers while remaining at the forefront in energy sustainability and environmental responsibility. By doing so, every challenge the industry faces today can be transformed into an opportunity tomorrow. This is our commitment to you – investing in and delivering innovation today.

Our Products and Services

Our design expertise lies in many different process applications including fuel gas boosting, LNG liquefaction, fertilizer production, biogas, waste gases and many others.

We are a single-source compression company and have acquired a reputation for reliability in supplying our customers with the following products:
– Gas Compressor Package Screws
– Reciprocating Compressors
– Centrifugal Compressors
– Customized Chillers
– Refrigeration Plants with Ethylene, Propane and Butane Refrigerant
– Gas Treatment Skids

Quality protocols, automated workflows and process know-how are the basic engineering resources we use to serve our markets with a first class product.

Along with our product range, we also provide our customers with the following services: 
– Customized options to improve your production
– Short installation and commissioning times
– Maximum compressor efficiency
– Maximum reliability
– Compact and lean design

Our goal is to successfully implement our products and services and to provide support to our partners and customers throughout the implementation process.

Our Facilities

At our testing facility, your machine is thoroughly checked before leaving the plant (Internal Test Capacity is for a 3,000-kWe electric motor). We provide local packaging and local sourcing for peripheral components and our in-house packaging of key components ensures premium quality and rapid delivery times.

Our German and Swiss facilities comprise a total of more than 10,000 m2, crane capacities for 80 Tons and a production capacity of about 100 customized skids per year.


“Operation of the new mobile and modular Early Production Unit of the Suderbruch Oil Field”, published on Erdöl Erdgas Kohle, november 2017

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Fuel booster for gas turbine

Gas gethering

Boil off gas

Flare gas recovery

Biogas compression

Industrial refrigeration

Associated gas processing



  • ammonia boil-off
  • CO2 compression
  • natural gas compression

Power plant

  • fuel gas booster for gas turbine
  • fuel gas conditioning
  • gas turbine air inlet cooling

Renewable energy

  • bio methan processing
  • biogas compression
  • landfill gas recovery


  • boil-off gas compression
  • off-gas compression
  • refrigeration gas compression


  • wellhead compressor
  • gas gathering
  • flare gas recovery


  • fuel booster
  • refrigeration compressor
  • associated gas procession


  • propylene compressor
  • flare gas recovery
  • industrial gas compression

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